05/13 – heute            Head-Technician of µCT-Laboratory of Prof. Dr. Johannes Müller; Museum of Natural History Berlin

05/11 – 04/13             Master organismic biology and evolution

Humbold-University of Berlin

Specialisation:        Evolution of vertebrates

Graduation:             Master of Science (Msc), 04/2013

10/07 – 04/11             Bachelor Biological science

University of Potsdam

Specialization:         Genomic and molecular biology

Abschluss:                Bachelor of Science (Bsc), 04/2011


Practical Experiences

05/13 – heute             Technician µCT-Laboratory, Museum of Natural History Berlin

  Managing external and workgroup-wide projects

  Support external guests

  Support technical problems within the lab

  Integration und Development of new Scantechniques

11/11 – 02/13             Study-related activities, Museum of Natural History, AG Müller

  Creation of a food database for colubroidea

  µCT-Scans of snake fossils

05/10 – 04/11            Study-related activities, University of Potsdam, AG Steup, Lokstein

  Isolation of LHC and Light-stress experiments

08/09 – 10/09           Laboratory practicals, Pathology of military hospital Berlin

  Immunhistochemical colouration of soft tissues

  Gramnegative colouration for bacterical infections

  Histological Analysis


03/09 – 03/09            Laboratory practicals, Department of Ecology, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt (Main)

  Behavior research of sexual selection of Poecilla m.

01/06 – 02/06             Laboratory practicals, Max-Planck-Institut für Dynamik komplexer technischer

            Systeme, Magdeburg

  Cell culturation for studies of influenza infection