Some assistance in Volume Graphics

Of course all our µCT-scans must be edited afterwards. In the world of digitisation three major programs have become prominent: Volume Graphics, AMIRA, and – quite similar – AVISO. In our lab there are mainly BSc and MSc students so we mainly focus on the use of Volume Graphics Studio Max. This software has five basic tools for segmentation, that you can learn easily and quickly. I made short films about the most important tools and applications for current and future students. Please forgive me that there’s no film about ‘ how do I move through Volume Graphics’, but you’ll find all information in the original manual:

vgstudiomax22_de     vgstudiomax22_en

The videos shall help you especially in the beginning of your work. It shows which tools you need and how to use them for the first steps of segmentation. To gain in-depth knowledge and learn how to tease out all options you just need a little time until it works incredibly easy… believe me! ^_^
Here are the first steps after opening the scan file:



Und nun die ersten Schritte zur Segmentierung: