Hier eine Liste meiner bisher veröffentlichten Artikel:


2014                   Barej, M. F., Schmitz, A., Günther, R., Loader, S. P., Mahlow, K. & Rödel, M-O.

The first endemic West African vertebrate family – a new anuran family highlighting the uniqueness of the Upper Guinean biodiversity hotspot

– Frontiers in Zoology 11 (8)

2013                    Mahlow, K., Tillack, F., Schmidtler, J.F., Müller, J.

An annotated checklist, description and key to the dwarf snakes of the Genus Eirenis Jan, 1863 (Reptilia: Squamata: Colubridae), with special emphasis on the dentition

– Vertebrate Zoology 63 (1): 41–85.

2009                    Ziege, M., Mahlow, K., Hennige-Schulz, C., Kronmarck, C.,Tiedemann, R., Streit, B., Plath, M. (2009):

Audience effects in the Atlantic molly (Poecilia mexicana) – prudent male mate choice in response to perceived sperm   competition risk?

– Frontiers in Zoology 6:17.

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